The Equinox Issue 1

Celestron Advanced VX Promo

Celestron Adanvced VX Promo

Celestron Adanvced VX Promo

Save now on all Celestron Advanced VX - mounted telescope systems! Designed and built from the ground up with astro-imaging in mind, the AVX German Equatorial Mount has amazing features like All-Star Polar Alignment and compatibility with StarSense and SkyPortal WiFi. The AVX series continues to be the price-friendly choice for astro-imagers looking for serious features with small to mid-sized telescopes.

Save up to $100 on the AVX mount itself, and up to $300 on AVX-mounted telescope systems including the 8" SCT and 8" EdgeHD, the 6", 9.25", and 11" SCTs, the 6" and 8" Newtonians, and the 6" refractor system. These prices are only available until May 15, 2017.

And here's a special offer to make the deal even sweeter - when you order an AVX mount or telescope package from Agena, you also receive a FREE polar finder (a $40 value).

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