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Agena Holiday Sale

The Savings on Your Favorite Astronomy Brands Continues

Did you miss Agena's huge Thanksgiving Sale last week? Fear not! We still have many good deals remaining on hundreds of items from some of your favorite brands including Blue Fireball, 3D Astronomy, Masuyama, GSO, and Telrad.

Sale Ends December 31

Save 10% on Select QHY Cameras

Agena AstroProducts now carries QHY astronomy cameras and accessories, and just in time for the holiday sales! From now until December 26, enjoy savings of 10% on the following QHY cameras now in stock:

Sale Ends December 26
Baader Holiday Sale

Save up to 20% During the Baader Hyperion Eyepiece Christmas Special

They're among the best values in amateur astronomy: Baader Hyperion eyepieces. Carefully engineered and constructed, these high-quality oculars give a 68-degree or 72-degree apparent field of view that's razor-sharp right to the edge of the field.

Sale Ends January 31
Meade Sale

Fall into Savings with the Meade LX90 Sale

Meade is getting in the holiday spirit with savings of up to $200 on 8", 10", and 12" LX90 telescope systems. These scopes feature Advanced Coma Free (ACF) optics for pin-point star images across the entire field. Meade's ACF optics provide aplanatic performance with a flat field, reduced astigmatism, and eliminated diffractions spikes- much like professional Ritchey-Chretien telescopes- but at a fraction of the price. These scopes are ideal for imaging and serious visual observing.

Sale Ends December 31
Meade LS Sale

Treat Yourself to Savings on Meade LightSwitch Telescopes

If turn-key stargazing sounds like a good idea as the temperatures get colder, then a Meade LightSwitch 6" or 8" telescope system makes for an excellent investment. These technological wonders have almost sci-fi-like capabilities, with on-board computers and cameras that align the scope to the sky in just a few minutes, completely automatically, at the flip of a switch.

Sale Ends December 31
ZWO Astronomy Camera Sale

Big Savings on Explore Scientific Focal Extenders and 100-Degree Eyepieces

It's ZWO's biggest sale of the year! From the new 'Mini' autoguider cameras to uncooled, cooled, and 'Pro' cameras for planetary and deep-sky imaging, nearly every ZWO astronomy camera is on sale. Save up to $100 on kits, and up to $200 on stand-alone cameras.

Sale Ends December 31
Explore Scientific Holiday Sale

Big Savings on Explore Scientific Focal Extenders and 100-Degree Eyepieces

With a huge apparent field of view, Explore Scientific's 100-degree eyepieces are one of the best values in amateur astronomer. And from now until December 31, these eyepieces are even better because they're on sale at a substantial savings. With focal lengths from 5.5mm to 25mm, these big oculars offer 'spaceship' views of the deep sky, and they're gas purged and waterproof to ensure clear and crisp views even on humid nights. The sale also includes a set of 5.5mm, 9mm, and 14-mm 100-degree eyepieces with a soft case.

Sale Ends December 31
Sky-Watcher Holiday Sale

Save During Sky-Watcher's H0-Ho-Holiday Sale

It's a holiday sale alright, but the good people at Sky-Watcher might as well call it the 'Kitchen Sink' sale. That's because nearly every Sky-Watcher product is now available at some of the best pricing of the year!

Sale Ends December 31
Celestron Holiday Sale

Instant Savings on Celestron Telescope Systems

Celestron has huge holiday savings of up to $400 on all apertures of their legendary CPC and CPC EdgeHD telescope systems from now until the end of 2018.

Sale Ends December 31
Instant Rebate on Celestron NexStar SE Systems

A Most Wonderful Time to Get a Celestron NexStar Evolution Telescope

If you're looking for the ultimate family-friendly telescope, it's hard to beat the Celestron NexStar Evolution Series. These telescopes have it all. Superb optics. State-of-the-art computer control. Easy push-button alignment. And a Wi-Fi interface so you can control the telescope with your iOS or Android smartphone.

Sale Ends December 31
Pentax Holiday Sale

Instant Rebate on Pentax XW Eyepieces

Enjoy an instant rebate on Pentax XW eyepieces! These legendary oculars are prized among serious observers for their sharp, high-contrast images for all types of observing, including with telescopes with a focal ratio as fast as f/4.

Sale Ends December 31
Coronado Holiday Sale

Coronado SolarMax II Sale

Summer is over but the Sun is still out! Safely view solar surface granulation, filaments, and prominences of the Sun in the beautiful hue of Hydrogen-alpha. Coronado's SolarMax II (SMII) Series Telescopes offer dedicated visual observation of the Sun as well as high quality imaging. The revolutionary RichView™ tuning method built into every Coronado SMII, brings solar view to a whole new level.

Sale Ends December 31

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