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If turn-key stargazing sounds like a good idea, especially on chilly
autumn and winter nights, a Meade LightSwitch 6" or 8" telescope
system makes an excellent investment. These technological wonders have
almost sci-fi-like capabilities, with on-board computers and cameras
that align the scope to the sky in just a few minutes, completely
automatically, at the flip of a switch.

Once aligned, these scopes will show you a lifetime of wonders in the
night sky including the Moon, planets, and nearly 100,000 deep-sky
sights. All with Advanced Coma Free (ACT) optics and UHTC coatings for
bright, high-contrast images.

These are fantastic scopes for easy observing session when you don't
have time for fiddling with finders or alignment stars or GPS
controls. And they're all complete telescope systems that include
finder, tripod, mount, and AutoStar computer, all ready to go out of
the box.

Best of all, you can get a LightSwitch telescope and save up to $300
through December 31, 2017. You also save up to 30% on select
LightSwitch accessories.

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