Infinity Squared - A Real-Time View of the Night Sky

By: Brian Ventrudo
May 11, 2017

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Ifinity Squared
A Real-Time View of the Night Sky

Infinity Squared - A Real-Time View of the Night Sky

Here's an incredible video and mini-documentary that's as close as it comes to the actual experience of being under a clear dark sky. This isn't a time lapse. It's a real-time video of the night sky that shows what's possible with current camera technology, in this case a Canon MH20f-SH set at ISO 400,000 along with a fast 20mm Sigma Art lens. This is cutting edge technology, not available to everyone: the camera body itself retails for $20,000!

Created by Ben Canales and John Waller of Uncage the Soul Productions, this short work features 20 high-school students at a summer astronomy camp in Oregon. The producers simply ask, "What do you feel?" The film also visits the Oregon Star Party where 600 astronomers camp out with their scopes. In this video, along with wide-field views of the late-summer sky, you can see stars reflected in the primary mirror of a big Dob as it follows the sky, a live view of the star Capella through an eyepiece, and a view of the Perseid meteor shower.