Product Articles and Guides

At Agena AstroProducts, we’re committed to helping our customers understand the many options available for telescopes and accessories for astronomy. That’s why we take the time to produce detailed and useful guides to choosing astronomy equipment for visual astronomy, astrophotography, and solar observing. Some of these guides are short and are intended to solve particular issues such as product installation or maintenance. Others are more detailed to help you make the best choice for accessories and upgrades such as focusers, astronomy cameras, and filters. You can find a list of our current guides at the links below. We’ll continue to add new guides in the coming months.

If you still have questions, or if you have an idea for an astronomy product guide, please get in touch with us.

1. Visual and Imaging Filters
1.1 Choosing a Color/Planetary Filter (Jan 2017)
1.2 Guide to Light-Pollution Filters for Visual Astronomy (Sep 2017)
1.3 Guide to Imaging Filters (Oct 2017)

2. Finders and Guidescopes

2.1 Choosing a Non-Magnifying Finder for Your Telescope (Oct 2016)
2.2 Choosing a Magnifying Finder for Your Telescope (Mar 2017)

3. Focusers

3.1 Refractor Focuser Compatibility Table (Apr 2018)
3.2 Customer Installation Photos (Feb 2015)
3.3 Upgrading a GSO Single-Speed Focuser to Dual Speed (Dec 2013)
3.4 Optimizing the Performance of your GSO Crayford Focuser (Jan 2014)
3.5 Attaching a Finder Telescope to a GSO Crayford Focuser (Apr 2014)
3.6 Upgrading the Focuser of Your Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (Apr 2018)

4. Solar Filters
4.1 Frequently Asked Questions
4.2 Making Your Own Solar Filter Using Baader AstroSolar Film (PDF File)
4.3 Baader AstroSolar Film Technical Specifications
4.4 Cleaning AstroSolar Film

5. Cameras
5.1 Buyer's Guide to ZWO Astronomy Cameras (Feb 2018)

6. Eyepieces / Binoviewers
6.1 How to Choose Eyepieces for Your Astronomy Telescope (Nov 2018)
6.2 Guide to Choosing Eyepieces for Binoviewers (Apr 2017)

7. Autoguiding
7.1 Selecting a Guide Scope and Autoguiding Camera for Astrophotography (Jul 2017)

8. Diagonals
8.1 Choosing a Baader Planetarium Star Diagonal (Dec 2017)

9. Observing Guides
9.1 The Planet Jupiter (May 2017)
9.2 The Planet Mars (June 2018)
9.3 The Planet Saturn (Jul 2017)
9.4 The Planets Uranus and Neptune (Sep 2017)

10. Miscellaneous
10.1 Astronomy Threads Explained (Sept 2018)
10.2 Holiday Gift Guide (Dec 2017)