Thousand Oaks Optical SolarLite Solar Filter Film (ND 5) - 4" (77mm) Pack of Two

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Thousand Oaks Optical SolarLite Solar Filter Film (ND 5) - 4" (77mm) Pack of Two

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Product Details

Thousand Oaks Optical SolarLite Solar Filter Film - 3.75" Square Piece

1. About Thousand Oaks Optical's SolarLite Film Sheets

We offer Thousand Oaks Optical's new SolarLite solar filter film pieces in many different sizes. This is suitable to make your own:
(i) Solar viewing glasses or observing card (for direct solar viewing without the use of optical equipment), or
(ii) Front-mounted solar filters for telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, or large camera lenses.

Each piece is carefully cut by Agena, packed between two cardboard sheets, and shipped flat. A basic information sheet with some mounting instructions is included, but these are not detailed instructions to make your own solar filter. However, you can find dozens of online resources on making your own solar filter to view and photograph the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017.

2. About Thousand Oak's SolarLite Solar Film

Safely view the sun anytime and during all partial phases of an eclipse (a filter is required for all phases of an annular or partial eclipse). Thousand Oaks Optical's exclusive high quality SolarLite polymer substrates provide superior safety features, sharper solar images, and pleasing orange solar image. This solar eclipse film meet CE/ISO safety requirements. The transmission is 1/1,000th of 1% (Optical Density OD 5).

SolarLite: After years of R & D, Thousand Oaks has developed a new solar film that has the optical quality of the glass with the advantages of impregnated polymer (Thousand Oaks Optical Black Polymer). Images through this new SolarLite film are optically superior compared to the images from the older Thousand Oaks black polymer film. This new SolarLite film was released in very late 2016, so make sure that you get products with this newer SolarLite film.

This film will never develop pin holes or scratches that can let in light and ruin a filter. Other advantages: Light weight and does not require re-balancing tube assembly, will not break, consistent yellow-orange solar image, even density with any aperture, flat surface. Slight creases or wrinkles or warps may be present, but these will not have any impact on the solar image. Will not tear or puncture. Stronger than any other solar film on the market. Guaranteed 15 years.

About the Company

Thousand Oaks Optical is a leading US-based manufacturer of solar filters and films. They have been making these products for over 35 years, and their products have been used by NASA aboard the Space Shuttle. Other professional users include: ABC, BBC CBS, NBC, CNN, NOVA, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic and most major universities and observatories throughout the world.


Never look at the sun without special eye protection. When viewing the eclipse, use this film at all times when any part of the sun is visible. Do not look into an unfiltered telescope with this film on the eyepiece end alone.

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