Agena 1.25" Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece for Refractors

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Agena 1.25" Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece for Refractors

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Product Details

Is collimating your refractor a real chore? Collimating your refractor is quick and easy when you use this 1.25" Cheshire collimating eyepiece.

To use this eyepiece, simply cap the telescope, remove the diagonal, and place the eyepiece directly in the focuser. Use natural daylight or shine a flashlight into the side opening with the 45-deg angled silver plate. Look into the small opening at the top of the eyepiece. You will see one or more small faint circles (usually overlapping) near the center. Adjust the objective cell's push-pull bolts until the small circles merge into one. Thats it! With precise collimation, your refractor telescope will deliver the best image it can.

No additional instructions are included with this product, but you can easily find additional information about Cheshire eyepieces and their use on the internet. The dual images can sometimes be hard to see (especially in very bright or very faint light) but you will see them. As with most other telescope collimation/alignment procedures, use of this accessory requires patience and experience.

This Cheshire eyepiece fits in 1.25" focusers or in 2"-1.25" adapters. Weight = 2.8oz. Total length is approx. 65mm / 2.5". Insertion length is approx. 22mm / 0.86. Please see schematic diagram in photo 3 above for detailed measurements.

Please also note the following:

  • Use of this item assumes that your focuser is aligned properly with your telescope tube.
  • This item can only be used if your refractor telescope cell has a push-pull or other mechanism to adjust the lens elements. It will be of no use with fixed cell objectives that cannot be adjusted. 
  • You may notice a small dimple on the angled silver plate. This is a manufacturing artifact and not a defect. This will have no impact on its performance.

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