Agena StarGuider 50mm Finder / Mini Guide Scope for CCD Autoguiding

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Agena StarGuider 50mm Finder / Mini Guide Scope for CCD Autoguiding

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  • Agena StarGuider 50mm Finder / Mini Guide Scope for CCD Autoguiding
  • Agena StarGuider 50mm Finder / Mini Guide Scope for CCD Autoguiding
  • Agena StarGuider 50mm Finder / Mini Guide Scope for CCD Autoguiding
  • Agena StarGuider 50mm Finder / Mini Guide Scope for CCD Autoguiding

Quick Overview

  • 50mm guide scope is designed for use with telescopes up to 1500mm focal length for astrophotography autoguiding applications
  • Designed for use with small-chip CCD autoguider cameras having a 1.25” nosepiece
  • Bright, wide-field optics provide many potential guide stars in view
  • Dovetail guide scope bracket installs on virtually any telescope with a dovetail shoe
  • Lightweight yet extremely capable

Product Details

Agena's compact 50mm StarGuider Mini Guide Scope package will be just the ticket for your long exposure astrophotography autoguiding needs. It is an excellent accessory for telescopes with a focal length of up to 1500mm, and is perfectly suited for use with small-chip CCD autoguiders. Its light weight adds very little to your autoguiding setup thus putting less strain on your mount's tracking mechanism, allowing for smoother guiding. A guidescope is a must for accurate astrophotography exposures even with high precision mounts. And the price of this accessory will add little strain to your astrophotography budget.

The StarGuider features a 50mm fully-multicoated achromatic doublet objective. Its 162mm (f/3.2) short focal length design provides a bright, wide field which aids in the location of suitable guide stars. All internal surfaces of the tube are painted a flat black to improve contrast.

In addition to an optical tube, this package includes an adjustable finder bracket, a universal dovetail mounting base, as well as an adapter plate to allow you to easily mount this guide scope on a variety of telescopes in various configurations. The bracket should also fit directly into the Synta/Vixen style finder bases already found on many telescopes, without the need for the included mounting plate/base (although these are also provided should the need arise). However, please note that although this base has a standard Vixen/Synta style design, there is no standard defined size for this design. As a result, it is possible that this bracket may not fit into other bases and some filing/adaptation may be required.

A 1.25" parfocal ring and adjustment Allen wrench are also included. The 1.25" CCD receptacle features three locking thumbscrews for a secure fit. Simply insert the 1.25" nosepiece of your CCD camera and tighten. Couple this package with a main scope and a 1.25" autoguider CCD, and you will be ready to experience a new level of accuracy that autoguiding brings to long exposure astrophotography - without the bulk and expense of a larger dedicated guide scopes that were formerly required.

Focusing is achieved as you would in many of today’s optical finders - rotate the dewshield/objective assembly until focus is achieved and then use the front ring to lock the focus into place. Using the included parfocal ring on the autoguider or CCD camera nosepiece provides some more focusing flexibility, and it also allows you to repeat the autoguiding setup between different imaging sessions.

- Objective Diameter = 50mm
- Focal Length = 162mm
- Focal Ratio = f/3.2
- Fully multicoated, air-spaced achromatic doublet objective lens with adjustable focus
- OTA Material = Aluminum
- OTA weight = 16 oz.
- OTA length = 180mm (7.09")
- Main OTA diameter = 53.4mm (2.10")
- Dewshield outside diameter = 57.45mm (2.26")
- Focus lock ring outside diameter = 58.70mm (2.31")
- OTA locking screws = 3x, M4 threaded aluminum
- Finder adjustment screws = 3x, M6 threaded plastic (may be white or black)
- Flat mounting plate hole specifications = Center hole, 1x, M6 thread (not 1/4"-20 thread); Holes on sides, 2x, M4 thread

What's Included and What's Not:
A 50mm achromatic doublet guidescope, finder bracket, dovetail base, flat mounting plate, 1.25" aluminum parfocal ring, Allen wrench (hex key), objective end cap, and 1.25" dust plug are included. Please note that no instruction sheet is included, but you can find this easily online for similar guidescopes. Also note that no CCD is included but compatible CCD cameras are readily available. The only requirement is that the CCD has a 1.25" nosepiece installed.