Dew Not Heated Telrad Dew Shield # DN18

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Dew Not Heated Telrad Dew Shield # DN18

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Product Details

The Telrad Dew Shield is effective in light dewing conditions. It helps keep condensation from forming on the glass plate of your Telrad. The Telrad Dew Shield attaches to the back of the Telrad unit on hinges using existing screws, and swivels into place to shield the combining glass slowing dew condensation. It is made of lightweight yet strong ABS plastic.

Dew Not has now introduced a more effective version of the Telrad Dew Sheild. They've taken the same Dew Shield from Telrad and integrated a small Dew Not heater strip directly on the inside of the Dew Sheild. This results in even more effective dew control for your Telrad reflex finder.

A. About Dew-Not Dew Heaters

Proudly made in the USA by AFAB, the Dew-Not Dew Remover is a thick film dew heater manufactured for operation at 12 volts. Sixty-six percent of the surface area is heat emitting - this means more even heat distribution and no localized hot spots or burnouts often associated with resistance wire heaters.

Dew-Not dew heater strips are probably the most power-efficient product of their kind on the market today. This is important if you use batteries to power your telescope and accessories in the field. Some competing dew heater designs use a larger amount of rubber and fabric during manufacture requiring additional power to heat up these elements before any heat is transferred to your telescope. Dew-Not's efficient design is about twice as power-efficient as its nearest competitor, so your battery will last much longer.

Dew-Not strips are manufactured to very high quality standards. Each heater comes with a standard six foot cord. This cord length is longer than competing designs and provides you with a lot more flexibility in placement. The standard RCA phono-plug male connector used is compatible with Kendrick, Dew-Buster, and most other commercially available dew system controllers.

Protected by over 30 USA and international patents (relating to resistance heaters, methods of their manufacture, and innovative flexible, electrical circuitry), and carrying more than 20 years of constant improvements and enhancements, the Dew-Not Dew Remover is the ultimate in reliability and efficiency.  AFAB has been involved in the design and manufacture of resistive heating elements for over 25 years. Dew-Not's prices are also about half that of another leading competing brand. With Dew-Not, you get an excellent productand save power and money.

B. Specifications

Power: 1.44 W
Voltage: 12 V
Current = 0.12 A

C. Recommended Accessories

Optional cigarette lighter adapters can be purchased from other sources that will allow you to power the dew heater from a 12 volt power source. For controlling several Dew-Not strips from a single source, or to vary the power output, you can consider the optional Dew-Not Dual Channel Controller (Model DNC02).

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