Laser Safety Precaution

Safety precautions must be followed when using all of our laser products (referred to as Lasers). Never shine a laser at anyone. Lasers are designed to illuminate inanimate objects. The beam should never be allowed to enter the eye. Although instant permanent blindness will not occur with a momentary, glancing exposure, visual damage could occur if the beam is allowed to enter the eye and fall upon the same area of the retina for more than about 1/4 second. This is an unlikely occurrence given the aversion and blink reflex, however all precautions should always be followed to avoid direct eye exposure.

Lasers should never be pointed at vehicles, boats, or aircraft, even distant ones.

Precautions for Astronomers

When others are observing, Lasers should only be used with permission. Lasers should not be pointed at nearby reflective objects because the brilliant reflections will temporarily destroy dark-adapted vision. The beam in air does not noticeably effect dark-adaptation.

Lasers should not be used when others are imaging, as a sweep of the beam through the imaged field might register in the exposure. To ensure that the previous precautions are followed, do not allow minors to use the Laser unsupervised. Laser devices are not toys.