Pegasus Astro Dual Motor Focus Controller (Requires Motor Focus Kit) # DMFC

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Pegasus Astro Dual Motor Focus Controller (Requires Motor Focus Kit) # DMFC

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This Dual Motor Focus Controller is intended for use only with the Pegasus standalone SCT Motor Focus Kits. It is NOT intended to be used with any of the FocusCube Focuser Motors which already include the controller.

Quick Overview

  • Focus fast, reliable and accurate your telescope using a stepper or DC motor and our controller.
  • Dual Motor Focus brings a decade of experience in astrophotography and telescope focusing concepts. The evolution of technology in astronomy requires a system which will assist the focusing of the telescope with great accuracy. Fast optics and modern camera devices require automatic focusing in every small period of time as temperature can affect focal length and modify the optimal focus position. Pegasus Dual Motor Focus Controller (DMFC) has been developed to meet these requirements.

Product Details

1. Dual mode

The Dual Motor Focus Controller supports two kind of motor types.

  • High Resolution Stepper motors (unipolar and bipolar) for absolute position focusing.
  • DC motors by its Pulse Width Modulation duty cycle control.

Controller can switch motor mode from its software, Mode can be instantly changed (with one mouse click) from ‘stepper’ to ‘dc’ motor and saved in controller’s EEPROM memory.

2. Manual and PC operation.

The controller can be operated by PC using its USB2 connectivity. A manual operation by utilising the digital encoder on the side of the controller simulates the knob of your real focuser. Turn the knob as it is the knob of your telescope’s focuser. If you press it, speed of the motor will be reduced to 1:10.

3. Dual color indicator

A dual color light emitted diode (Green / Yellow) is fitted on the side of the unit. Each color indicates speed and the led can be turned on or off by its software during an observing session. Keep it pressed to disable the knob.

4. Robofocus compatible connector pin out

Motor output is fully compatible with “Robofocus ©” pin out. Output can drive most of the motors in the market. Take a look in our F.A.Q tab.

5. Temperature probe

An external digital temperature sensor input is located near the motor connector. A digital probe of one (1) meter length is supplied. The probe can be placed near the focuser so the exact temperature of the focuser / environment can be seen through the supplied software or ASCOM driver (probe always included in package)

6. Backlash compensation

Controller can compensate the backlash you might encounter in your system. Although our motor has very low backlash other setups might need this feature. Backlash compensation is supported from a function inside coantroller’s firmware.

7. ASCOM compliant

The controller is fully compatible with latest ASCOM 6 and can easily be controlled from a computer.


8. INDI (Open Astronomy Instrumentation) compliant

Pegasus DMFC driver is included with libindi >= 1.5.1
Official Indi Driver :


9. Standalone program support

The controller can be operated by the standalone DMFC software. (Only available for Windows OS)



10. Firmware upgrade support

Controller firmware supports re-programming via the USB 2.0 connection using upgrade software, for future upgrades which may become available. We constantly receive feedback from our customers and keep updating the firmware and software with new features.

11. What's in the Box:

  • Dual Motor Focus Controller
  • Temperature Sensor (1m)
  • USB type B Cable (1.8m)
  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • Stepper Motor Cable


Product carries a two-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Supply Voltage: 12Volt DC (Can accept 5V for 5V motors)
  • Motor Compatibility: 
    • DC motor – adjustable frequency PWM
    • Unipolar stepper motors
    • Bipolar stepper motors
  • Motor Output: 
    • DC motor, max 1 Amp
    • Unipolar / stepper motors, max 2.0 Amps (1.0 Amps per phase)Continuous output current per channel: 1 A
    • Peak output current per channel: 3 A
    • Continuous paralleled output current: 2 A
  • USB Connectivity: USB 2.0 Type B plug
  • Thermal Sensor Resolution: 9-bit Celsius temperature measurements
  • Power Input Connector: 2.1mm Centre Positive Socket
  • Motor Connector: RJ45
  • Dimensions: 66mm x 66mm x 28 mm

Useful Resources

Pegasus Dual Motor Focuser installation guide (focuser type 1) - YouTube

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Pegasus Dual Motor Focuser installation guide (focuser type 2) - YouTube

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