QHY 10 Color Astronomy Camera with USB 2.0 # QHY10-C

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QHY 10 Color Astronomy Camera with USB 2.0 # QHY10-C

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Quick Overview

  • One-shot color astronomy camera with 10 Megapixel APS-C Sony ICX493AQA sensor
  • Low thermal noise and low read noise clean high-resolution color images
  • Large full well capacity for sharper star images and superior color
  • Two-stage cooling keeps sensor temperature as much as 40C below ambient to reduce thermal noise further, even in warm conditions
  • Slim body with 63mm diameter and black matte finish ideal for Hyperstar configurations

Product Details

1. Cooled One-Shot Color Astronomy Camera for Deep-Sky Imaging

The QHY10 is a 10 Megapixel one-shot color camera with an APS-C Sony ICX493AQA Super HAD CCD sensor.  In addition to the very low thermal noise of Sony's SuperHAD technology, this sensor has a high full well capacity.  Even with high resolution 6.05um square pixels, it has a 45ke- full well.  This is almost double that of the ICX413 with 7.8um square pixels, and almost double that of the KAF-8300 color sensor with 5.4um square pixels. The high full well capacity yields a higher dynamic range allowing a longer exposure time without signal saturation. This yields better colors and smaller star points.

At a dark site, this camera offers the user a simple and easy way to capture deep sky objects in full color without the need, complexity and cost of RGB filters and filter wheel.  Image processing can likewise be simplified compared to separate processing and combining of LRGB frames.

2. Two-Stage Cooling for Low Noise and Purged Chamber to Keep Sensor Dry

SONY's CCD sensors are famous for their low thermal noise, and the effect of this noise is further reduced in the QHY10 with two-stage TEC cooling and thermal construction design. The QHY10 has the cooling capability of -40C below ambient. This results in the production of very clean images even in exposures of 30 minutes to one hour.

3. Classic Narrow-Profile Design Ideal for Hyperstar Configurations

The QHY10 camera body has a diameter of only 63mm only, making it ideally suited for Hyperstar imaging The QHY10 comes with a clip for USB and power cables to help keep solid connections and avoid conditions that result in loss of contact.

The outer camera body finish is matte black to avoid reflection when used in Hyperstar configurations.

Manufacturer QHYCCD
  • Model: QHY10
  • Sensor: SONY ICX493 CCD
  • Pixel Size: 6.05um*6.05um
  • Resolution: 3900*2626
  • Effective Pixels: 10 Megapixels
  • AD Sample Depth: 16-bit
  • Readout noise: 8-10e- @600kpixel/s
  • System Gain @ Lowest Gain: 0.7e-/ADU
  • Fullwell: 45ke-
  • Downlaod Speed: 18sec@low readout speed, 4sec @high readout speed
  • Preview Speed: 1 sec for 4*4 binned image
  • Anti-Blooming: -100dB
  • Sensor Size: APS-C
  • Readout Mode: Two Frame Readout CCD
  • Power Consumption: 13 watts under 50% TEC power. 27 watts at 100% TEC power
  • Cooling System: Dual Stage TEC
  • Max Delta T: -40C below ambient
  • Power Supply: DC201 power adapter, 12V
  • Guide Port: Yes, 6pin RJ11 guide port
  • Camera Interface: M42/0.75 Female thread / 2inch faster installer
  • Color/Monochrome: Color Only
  • Back Focal Length: 20mm(±0.5)
  • Weight: 400g