QHY 174C Cooled Color Astronomy Camera # QHY174C

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QHY 174C Cooled Color Astronomy Camera # QHY174C

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Quick Overview

  • QHY174C 1920x1200 cooled color astronomy camera ideal for solar system and deep-sky imaging
  • High quantum efficiency and large 5.86um pixels for maximal signal-to-noise ratio
  • Two-stage cooling keeps sensor temperature as much as 45C below ambient for low-noise imaging, even in warm conditions
  • 128MB DDRII data buffer to minimize data dropouts during image transfer
  • Reduced amp-glow for superior imaging of faint objects

Product Details

1. Cooled Astronomy Camera for Solar System and Deep-Sky Imaging

The QHY174C is a cooled USB 3.0 color astronomy camera that works for planetary, lunar/solar, and deep sky imaging of brighter objects. The QHY174C incorporates a 2.3 MP Sony IMX174 CMOS sensor with large 5.86um pixels. The sensor sits in a sealed and heated chamber to prevent dew from forming on the sensor or window. This QHY ColdMOS, or cooled CMOS sensor, has a resolution of 1920x1200 in a 1/1.2-format sensor, and high quantum efficiency of 78%.

2. Two-Stage Cooling for Low Noise and Sealed Chamber to Keep Sensor Dry

The QHY174C color camera comes with a two-stage TEC cooling and temperature control that cools the camera as low as -45C below ambient, which is ideal for warm and damp summer observing conditions. QHY has also built in anti-dew technology into the QHY174. The sensor chamber is sealed and incorporates a silicon gel tube socket and heater to help keep both the sensor and the sensor window dry.

The cooler requires +12VDC input (power supply not included).

3. Built-In Buffer for Reliable Data Transfer

The QHY174C has a built-in 128MB DDRII image buffer. The benefit of the image buffer is that the memory will cache the image and transfer it to the computer when the USB interface is not busy or being interrupted, and the frame will not be lost or corrupted.  This buffer also allows a slower computer with USB 2.0 socket to capture every frame without loss even if the USB socket is occasionally busy with other peripherals.  This buffer also makes it possible to run multiple cameras on the same computer without USB transfer problems. 

4. Reduced Amp-Glow for Superior Deep-Sky Imaging

The QHY174C camera has a control circuit to reduce amplifier glow significantly, especially important for longer exposures of deep-sky objects. Camera ports include a 6-pin RJ11 Guide Port and a 4-pin CFW2 Filter Wheel Control Port, allowing you to add an optional autoguider or filter wheel to give you more options and control over your astro-imaging.

Manufacturer QHYCCD
  • Sensor : SONY IMX174 CMOS 
  • Pixel Size: 5.86um*5.86um
  • Effective Pixel Area: 1920*1200
  • Effective Pixels: 2mega
  • Effective Image Area: 11.25mm*7.03mm
  • QE: 74%
  • Fullwell: >32ke-
  • AD Sample Depth: 12/10bit (output as 16bit and 8bit)
  • Sensor Size: Typical 1/1.2 inch
  • Frame Rate *: 
    • 138FPS@1936x1216   
    • 260FPS@960x600   
    • 490FPS@480x300
  • ROI Support: Yes. Any Area ROI
  • Readout Noise: 
    • 5.3e-@Gain 0    
    • 2.8e-@Gain 60      
    • 1.6e-@Gain 100
  • Dark Current: TBD
  • Exposure Time Range: 5us-900sec
  • Binning: 1x1,2x2
  • Anti-Glow Control: Yes (Reduces amplifier glow significantly)
  • Shutter Type: Electric Global Shutter
  • Computer Interface: USB3.0 Super Speed
  • Cooling System: Dual Stage TEC cooler(-40C below ambient),Temperature Regulated
  • Anti-Dew Control: Connector for removable silicon gel tube
  • : Heater board for CMOS chamber optical window
  • Telescope Interface: M42/0.75 / 2inch faster installer. Optional C-mount adapter
  • Optic Window Type: Mono Version:AR+AR High Quality Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection Coating
  • : Color Version: IR cut coating
  • Guide Port: 6PIN RJ11 Guide Port
  • Color Wheel Port: 4PIN QHYCFW Socket
  • Back Focal Length: TBD
  • Weigth: 450g