QHY 3rd Generation Medium Electronic Filter Wheel - Standard Thickness (2" or 50mm Round, 5 Position) # QHYCFW3M-SR5

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QHY 3rd Generation Medium Electronic Filter Wheel - Standard Thickness (2" or 50mm Round, 5 Position) # QHYCFW3M-SR5

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Quick Overview

  • Third-generation QHYCCD filter wheel holds up to five 2” mounted or 50mm unmounted filters
  • Ultra-thin hybrid stepper motor for higher precision and smaller step angles with zero backlash
  • Easily switches from USB to QHYCFW serial port mode
  • Attractive low-profile design in a CNC-machined aluminum body

Product Details

1. Third-Generation QHYCCD Filter Wheels for Astrophotography

The QHYCFW3M-SR5 is based on QHYCCD’s third-generation filter wheel design and technology.

This low-profile filter wheel incorporates a carousel holding five 2-inch mounted or 50mm unmounted filters up to 10mm thick (not including the thread height of the filters).

The design of the carousel makes filter positioning quick and precise. Mounted filters less than 10 mm in thickness can be installed, while unmounted filters of different thicknesses can also be mounted to the same filter disc.

2. Super-Thin Enclosed Stepper Motor

QHYCCD selected a high quality ultra-thin hybrid stepper motor for their third-generation filter wheel design. With this stepper motor, the filter wheel supports precise and fully automatic digital control when switching filters, yet it has a total thickness of just 20.5mm.

Compared to permanent magnet (PM) stepper motors used in many filter wheels, the hybrid stepper motor has higher precision and smaller step angle, ideal for demanding astrophotography applications. The motor is enclosed to prevent dust from entering, thus improving reliability and motor life. The filter carousel can also be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise for convenient filter access.

3. Precision Positioning and No Backlash

In this third generation QHYCCD filters wheel, designers incorporated a friction drive with zero backlash that also positions and stops each filter with high precision.

4. Two Control Modes

The QHYCFW3-series filter wheels include a switch to enable a fast change between serial communication mode and USB communication mode through a 4-pin QHYCFW port or a standard USB port.

The filter wheel is USB powered and uses open source Arduino-compatible firmware. It is designed to work with a similar sized QHY Off-Axis Guider (OAG).

5. Modern and Attractive Design

The third-generation QHYCCD filter wheels have exquisite design and appearance. The main body of the QHYCFW3-series is cut from a single piece of aluminum by a precision CNC machine and black anodized, making this a beautiful as well as a highly practical and functional device. Without filters, the QHYCFW3M-SR weighs 728g.

6. Available in 3 Versions

In addition to this 5 position, 2" mounted or 50mm unmounted filter version, this item is also available separately in the following versions:

  • 7 position, 36mm unmounted filters
  • 8 position, 1.25" mounted or 31mm unmounted filters