Sharpstar 200mm f/3.2 PNT Parabolic Newtonian Astrograph with Integrated Corrector and Carbon Fiber Tube - Gold # 20032PNT-GD

Our #: T-SS-20032PNT-GD
Mfg #: 20032PNT-GD
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Important Note: While this scope offers very good optical performance and value for money, we will be the first to admit that this scope's cosmetics and packaging are not yet perfect. Hence, while the scopes we ship to you will be new and inspected, please understand that it is not uncommon for these Sharpstar scopes and/or the case to have minor cosmetic imperfections that will otherwise not detract from use. We are working with the manufacturer to address all of these issues, but at this time, this is how the scopes come new from the factory.

Quick Overview

  • 200mm Newtonian astrograph with super-fast f/3.2 optics and 55mm backfocus
  • Fully and rigorously tested on site for cosmetics, mechanical operation, and optical performance by a master optician to ensure excellent overall telescope operation and customer satisfaction (an Agena exclusive service) 
  • Parabolic primary and 4-element corrector lens deliver sharp flat images over a large 44mm image circle
  • 25” long carbon fiber tube and CNC machined aluminum fittings make for a durable yet lightweight instrument 
  • 3” rack and pinion focuser handles heavy loads without slipping; includes 1.25" holder for smaller cameras or eyepieces

Product Details

The SharpStar 20032PNT Newtonian astrograph delivers premium performance at a remarkably affordable price. This compact 200mm f/3.2 reflector uses innovative optical design and multiple precision elements to provide a 44mm image circle that fills 36mmx44mm full-frame sensors with a 3.3 degree field of view. This is the perfect instrument for astrophotographers looking to capture nebulae, galaxies, and star fields in the Milky Way.

The ultra-fast f/3.2 focal ratio of the whole system is achieved by using a 200mm f/3.8 paraboloid, a 90mm plane secondary mirror of short axis, and a 3-inch four-element 0.85x error-correction mirror. The optics ensure excellent off-axis image flatness and correction. The primary and secondary mirrors are all made with aluminum with a protective coating for durability, and reflectivity is >96%. The mirror cell also includes a fan for fast cooling and acclimatization (power source sold separately).

A 3-inch special geared focuser ensures smooth operation without slipping, even with relatively heavy loads. The end of the focuser includes M54×0.75 threads. The backfocus is 55mm from the M48x0.75 threaded adapter so Nikon/Canon DSLRs will readily come to focus when used with a wide 48mm camera-specific T ring (not included).

The SharpStar 20032PNT is engineered and constructed to be durable for field use, yet portable and lightweight enough to make it easy to mount and handle. The scope uses an 25"-long carbon fiber tube and CNC aluminum fittings for a precision fit and finish.

The total weight of the SharpStar 20032PNT with all accessories is just 9.46kg (20.8 lbs), making it an ideal match for many medium-capacity equatorial mounts.

Full Optical and Mechanical Testing and Quality Control - An Agena Exclusive!

Agena does much more than simply move the telescope boxes from Sharpstar to you. Each Sharpstar imaging Newtonian telescope at Agena undergoes a thorough physical, mechanical, and optical evaluation at our shop upon arrival - all at no extra cost to you.

Every telescope is inspected to ensure good cosmetics, collimation, smooth focuser operation, and to make sure all parts are included by the manufacturer. Most importantly, we also check each telescope using a rigorous three-point on-site optical evaluation consisting of the following optical bench tests to ensure that your telescope delivers excellent optical performance:

  • Foucault Test: This knife-edge test is performed at the center of curvature of the primary mirror to evaluate the quality of the mirror's conic shape.
  • Ronchi Test: We then perform a Ronchi grating test at the center of curvature at inside focus, at focus, and outside focus. This is a qualitative method to evaluate primary mirror smoothness and figure.
  • Star test: Finally, we collimate the complete telescope and perform an autocollimation test with an artificial star to examine the overall system's image performance at the focus point.

This testing is performed and certified by a master optician to make sure each Sharpstar instrument sold by Agena has excellent optical performance before it ships.

PLEASE NOTE: This precision astrograph has extremely fast optics and tight alignment tolerances. We recommend collimation each time it is transported or jostled. There is a link to collimation instructions under the "Additional Resources" tab. You will require a 1.25" Cheshire collimator and a 1.25" laser collimator. Alignment of the secondary mirror requires removal of the corrector optics using tools included with the telescope. Alignment of the primary mirror is accomplished as for a standard Newtonian reflector.


  • Aperture: 200mm
  • Focal Length: 760mm
  • Ratio: 3.8
  • Primary Mirror Type: Paraboloid
  • Mirror Material: PZ33 (Similar to Pyrex)
  • Corrector Type: Quartette Air-Spaced
  • Correction Lens Focal Reduction Factor: 0.85
  • System Focal Length / Ratio: 640mm / 3.2
  • Short Axis Diameter of Secondary: 90mm
  • Fully Illuminated Image Circle: 44mm
  • Actual Field: 3.76º
  • Main Tube: Carbon Fiber
  • Main Tube Outer Diameter: 280.5mm
  • Total Length of Telescope: 633mm
  • Net Weight: 8 KG
  • Gross Weight: 9.46 KG
  • Resolution: 0.6
  • Focuser: 3-inch Precision Focuser
  • Visual Limiting Star Magnitude: 13.2
  • Focal Plane: 55mm