Spectrum Telescopes Universal Smartphone Solar Filter Kit # MPTKSF1

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Spectrum Telescopes Universal Smartphone Solar Filter Kit # MPTKSF1

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Quick Overview

  • Complete solar observing kit with zoom lens, solar filter, mini tripod, and secure holder to fit most smartphones
  • Astronomical-quality glass solar filter keeps the Sun's light to a safe level to protect your phone's camera sensor
  • 20mm-aperture lens with 8x zoom and adjustable focal length lets you record larger images of the Sun for photos and video
  • Solar filter is removable to allow you to take zoom images and video of wildlife, music concerts, and sporting events with your smartphone

Product Details

Want to take snapshots or video of the solar eclipse with your smartphone? If so, you need two things: a solar filter to keep the Sun’s intensity to a safe level, and a zoom lens to make the Sun's image large enough to be interesting. The Spectrum Telescope Universal Mobile Phone Telescope Kit with Solar Filter delivers both features, and at an affordable price.

This easy-to-use kit consists of an 8x zoom lens with adjustable focal length, a small tripod with a phone holder that works with most cell phones, and a removable glass solar filter. Simply place your phone in the holder with the camera lens under the zoom lens, then secure the phone in place with the nylon screw. Place the solar filter over the zoom lens, turn your camera on and aim it towards the Sun. You can observe the Sun on your screen, focus, then take a video or snap an image using your phone’s timer or voice-activated shutter to keep the phone steady while the camera takes the image.

Close-up Views of the Sun with Your Smartphone

The kit is perfect for snapping an image of a solar eclipse, or simply for taking an image of the Sun when large sunspot groups are present on any clear day. The filter is made of the same premium high-quality reflective glass as our Spectrum Telescope glass solar filters, and it provides a pleasing yellow-orange natural tint to the Sun. All filters have been thoroughly inspected and approved for use in safely observing the Sun and solar eclipses.

At maximum zoom, the 20mm-diameter lens gives you a field of view of about 9 degrees. That's about as wide as your fist held at arm's length. The image of the Sun will still be a bit small - the Sun is just ½ a degree across-- but it will be far larger and more pleasing than using your phone';s built-in lens.

When you're taking images or video of a partial solar eclipse (when the Sun's face is partially covered by the Moon) you MUST keep the solar filter over the zoom lens. When the solar eclipse reaches the brief phase of totality (which only happens if you're in the right place and time in the eclipse's path) you can remove the solar filter to take an image of the completely blackened Sun surrounded by the ghostly glow of the solar corona.

Ideal for Sporting Events, Concerts, and Wildlife

Since the solar filter is removable, this kit's useful for much more than just solar eclipses. You can also use the zoom lens in this kit to take pictures and video of the Moon as well as sporting events, music concerts, and landscapes. And with a minimum focal distance of just 3 meters (10 feet), it's also great for close-ups of birds and other wildlife. The Spectrum Solar Mobile Phone Telescope Kit is truly a versatile tool for helping you capture some wonderful memories in the sky and on Earth!

What's Included

  • Smartphone holder
  • Mini-tripod
  • Zoom lens
  • Glass solar filter for included lens
  • Smartphone not included. Shown in photos above for illustration only.