Spectrum Telescope Thread-On Solar Film Filter for Camera Lens with 55mm Filter Thread # ST-55mm

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Front (Sun) side of Spectrum Telescopes thread-on camera filter

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  • Front (Sun) side of Spectrum Telescopes thread-on camera filter
  • Spectrum Telescopes thread-on camera filter mounted on a DSLR camera
  • Solar image shot with a Spectrum Telescopes thread-on camera filter
  • Rear (camera) side of Spectrum Telescopes thread-on camera filter


Product Details

Spectrum Telescopes black polymer solar filter film mounted in a threaded 55mm filter cell for camera lenses # ST-55mm.

1. Selecting the Correct Thread-On Solar Filter for your Camera Lens

Like most camera filters, this solar filter is deigned to be threaded on to the front of your camera lens. To make sure that you buy the right size, please look at the front of your camera lens. The lens will state "ΦX" or "ΦXmm" where X will be a number. Make sure that your lens specifies "Φ55" to use this filter. This is the thread size on the lens - it is not the actual diameter or focal length of the lens or the outside diameter of your lens body.

Also, note that the Sun is only approximately 0.5° in angular size as seen from Earth. Make sure that you know the angular field of view of your camera/lens combination to estimate how large the disk of the Sun will appear in your frame. You will therefore have to enlarge the solar image anyway, so longer zoom/telephoto lenses will provide the best results.

2. About Spectrum Telescopes' Solar Eclipse Filters

Safely view the Sun anytime and during all partial phases of an eclipse (filter required for all phases of an annular or partial eclipse). Not for use during the few minutes of totality when the Sun is totally eclipsed. May also be used to photograph large sunspots or planetary transits on the Sun's surface, provided the image scale provided by your camera is large enough.

3. About the Solar Film Used in These Filters

This full aperture thin film solar filter allows only a safe amount of light to pass through for solar viewing or imaging. It is an ND 5 filter and therefore blocks 99.999% of the Sun’s visible light. The .002" thick black plastic polymer used for the filter substrate is an extremely durable, high quality material that will last you for many years with proper care and handling. It is a single-layer design with absorptive filtering material spread throughout the substrate. Note that slight warps, bends or wrinkles present in the film will not affect the solar image. The Sun appears in a natural looking yellowish-orange color. The filter is packed and shipped in a protective foam-lined plastic case.

4. Warning

Never look at the sun without special eye protection. When viewing an eclipse, use this filter at all times when any part of the sun is visible. Do not look into an unfiltered telescope with this filter.