Feather Touch Focuser Rotatable 2" Diameter Dual Speed 0.8" Draw Tube Travel, Brake, and Compression Ring # FTF2008BCR

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Feather Touch Focuser Rotatable 2" Diameter Dual Speed 0.8" Draw Tube Travel, Brake, and Compression Ring # FTF2008BCR

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  • Feather Touch Focuser Rotatable 2" Diameter Dual Speed 0.8" Draw Tube Travel, Brake, and Compression Ring # FTF2008BCR

Product Details

The low-profile Feather Touch “Shorty" focuser from Starlight Instruments is a premium low profile 2" focuser designed primarily for catadioptric telescopes. This fully rotatable and ultra-precise Crayford-type focuser makes visual observing a pleasure, and its backlash-free operation and high load capacity makes it a must-have for critical imaging and astrophotography applications. The focuser also completely eliminates image shift inherent in focusing Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes using stock focusers.

Depending on the accessories used in the focuser, the short drawtube travel of 0.8" and the low profile of the focuser can allow it to swing through the fork arms of a 10" or larger catadioptric telescope when used with one of the short adapters manufactured by Starlight Instruments. When fully extended, the focuser measures just 2.205" from the mounting plate. Note, however, that smaller catadioptric telescopes from Celestron and Meade may not be able to swing through the arms of a fork mount even with this “Shorty" focuser.

The focuser attaches to a rear cell of a catadioptric telescope using a Starlight Instruments base adapter available for most catadioptric telescopes (adapter sold separately). Available adapters for this focuser include:

  • Model PAF-SI-A20-223 adapter for Celestron 11" and 14" SCT telescopes
  • Model PAF-SI-A20-214 adapter for Meade 10", 12", and 14" SCT telescopes
  • Model PAF-SI-A20-295 adapter for Celestron 8" and 9.25" and Meade 8" SCT telescopes

This Feather Touch focuser includes coarse and fine focus knobs with a 10:1 reduction ratio for superb accuracy and repeatability. A full turn of the fine focus knob results in a 0.070" of drawtube travel with a repeatability of <0.0005". Despite this fine-focus precision, the focuser has a lifting capacity of up to 8-10 pounds through manual adjustment of the drawtube friction using a built-in brake. The capacity is sufficient for even the largest 2" eyepieces as well as many CCD cameras and filter wheels. The adjustable friction brake also allows the user to accommodate eyepieces with a wide range of weights. The focuser can be locked in place for long-exposure imaging. This Feather Touch Focuser includes a 2" drawtube with a soft brass compression ring that will not mar eyepiece barrels. Dual thumbscrews provide a more secure hold on heavy eyepieces and cameras.

All Starlight Instruments focusers are made from the best available materials, and no shortcuts are taken in design or fabrication. The focuser body and knobs are made from anodized aluminum to prevent corrosion. The moving parts of every precision-machined Starlight Instruments focuser are made from polished stainless steel to enhance durability. Hardened stainless steel raceways are matched to stainless steel ball bearings that give a buttery smoothness to the drawtube motion with zero backlash. All-steel construction of the running gear and friction plate make this focuser much more durable than less expensive focusers that use aluminum plates.

Draw Tube Travel 0.8"/20.32MM
Lifting Capacity 8-10 pounds
Reduction Ratio 10:1
Draw Tube Drive Mechanism Crayford
Racked In from Mounting Face 1.405"/35.687MM
Racked Out from Mounting Face 2.205"/56.01MM