William Optics 2" Dual Speed R&P SCT Focuser with DDG and RotoLock # F2.0B-DDG-SCT

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William Optics 2" Dual Speed R&P SCT Focuser with DDG and RotoLock # F2.0B-DDG-SCT

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Quick Overview

  • Premium 2" focuser from Williams Optics designed for Schmidt-Cassegrain and some Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes
  • Uses new Rotolock system with convenient lockable grip ring to hold and center eyepieces or accessories
  • 2-speed microfocuser with 10:1 reduction for precise focus adjustments
  • Digital display gauge shows quantitative focus position to 2 decimals for precise positioning of optical components relative to focal plane
  • Fully rotatable by 360 degrees

Product Details

NEW - William Optics Rack & Pinion SCT focuser with RotoLock and Digital Display Gauge (DDG) for serious astronomers and astrophotographers

William Optics is proud to present this innovative device, the first ever seen on an astronomical telescope. This prominent, revolutionary design is primarily geared towards serious astronomers and astrophotographers. This premium (2") 360 degree rotatable DDG focuser uses new WO RotoLock system for heavy load applications, a silk-smooth 2-speed microfocuser with 10:1 reduction, a 2"-1.25" Rotolock visual back adapter, and a thermometer installed into focuser knob.

The Digital Display Gauge - DDG - allows you to take precise focusing readings down to two decimals instantly. With this device integrated into your telescope you will no longer need your old red flashlight during observations or imaging of the night sky!

The new RotoLock series of adapters from William Optics may well set the "gold" standard for visual backs and eyepiece adapters in the astronomy industry! Thoughtfully designed, exquisitely machined, and artfully presented, these adapters provide a very convenient and robust method to attach eyepieces and accessories to your telescope. Just rotate the golden grip ring clockwise to lock any inserted accessory, or counter-clockwise to release the accessory. Innovative design ensures that you get a very solid hold and the accessory is perfectly centered every time. No thumbscrews to worry about!

This product is designed to last a lifetime and work with virtually any standard SCT/MC telescope. As configured out of the box, the focuser will screw on to any Meade or Celestron SCT telescope up to 9.25" in aperture. These telescopes have a standard male SCT thread which is a 2"x24 TPI thread. The focuser features an inner ring which, when unscrewed (this requires a spanner wrench which is not included), exposes a female 3.28" SCT thread (3.28"x16 TPI). With this step-down ring removed, the focuser will fit the 3.28" SCT male thread on large 11-14" Celestron SCTs. Meade uses a marginally smaller 3.25" thread with the same thread pitch. Hence, while this visual back should also fit most large Meade 10-14" telescopes, there is a very small chance that it might not.

- Minimum focuser height (with 1.25" adapter) = 4.22" (107.3mm)
- Maximum focuser height (with 1.25" adapter) = 5.41" (137.3mm)
- Minimum focuser height (without 1.25" adapter) = 3.72" (94.4mm)
- Maximum focuser height (without 1.25" adapter) = 4.90" (124.4mm)
- Tube travel = 1.18" (30mm)
- Focuser weight (with 1.25" adapter and 3.28" SCT ring) = 2lb-11.5oz (1233gm)
- Weight of 1.25" adapter = 3.0oz (85gm)
- Weight of 3.28" SCT ring = 3.2oz (91gm)
- Focus knob diameter = 1.57" (40mm)
- Microfocus knob diameter = 1.26" (32mm)
- Maximum outer barrel diameter = 3.54" (90mm)
- Maximum microfocuser assembly width = 6.08" (154.5mm)
- Thread: Standard SCT female thread (2" / 24 TPI)
- Scale on focuser drawtube: Yes
- Rotatable: Yes
- Dust plug: One 1.25" dust plug included

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