ZWO Off-Axis Guider # OAG

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Manufacturer SKU: OAG
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ZWO Off-Axis Guider # OAG

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Product Details

ZWO Off-Axis Guide for Astronomy Photography

  • Lightweight, beautiful outlook, 16.5mm thickness
  • Large prism:8x8mm
  • Connect the main imaging camera and the guide camera. No guide scope required!
  • Flexible adaption to your camera and telescope, such as T2, M42 and M48.
  • Fully compatible with all ZWO ASI cameras
  • Good stability, stiff connection to the telescope
  • 1.25" holder for 1.25" size body guide camera
  • 5mm T2 extender for ASI guide camera whose back focus distance is 12.5mm such as ASI120, ASI224MC, ASI290 etc..
  • M42 adapter for main imaging camera
  • M48 adapter for main imaging camera
  • OAG body with M48 telescope adapter
  • M42 adapter for telescope

Useful Resources

Usage Guide:

1. Please calculate the correct required distance for your imaging train at first.

(As an example, you need to attach a 21mm extender to an ASI071 to reach 55mm back focus. Distance: 17.5mm + 21mm + 16.5mm = 55mm)

2. Take off the guider prism part and attach the OAG body to the telescope.

3. Insert the prism part into the OAG body

4. Mount the guide camera

5. Screw the T2 or M48 adapter on the imaging camera according to your mounting type

6. Mount the camera on the OAG in the correct position and lock the 3 screws.

7. The final setup

Note: Please make sure that the prism doesn't block the imaging area

Use the guiding screw to adjust the guiding camera's focus

It is recommended to do this during the day to assure that the imaging and guiding camera can reach focus at the same position.