Baader 2" Clicklock Mirror Star Diagonal # CLDIAG-2 2956100

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Manufacturer SKU: 2956100
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Baader 2" Clicklock Mirror Star Diagonal # CLDIAG-2 2956100

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Quick Overview

  • Proprietary coating process maintains the 1/10 wave mirror surface accuracy
  • Easy to maintain hard and durable coating with 99% reflectivity
  • Baader ClickLock clamp securely and precisely holds 2" eyepieces
  • Can be threaded directly to Schmidt-Cassegrain scopes with optional Baader lock ring
  • Full 46.6mm clear aperture
  • Superb mechanical fit and finish

Product Details

Proprietary Coating Process Maintains Surface Accuracy

With their ground-breaking introduction several years ago of the all-dielectric 2" Maxbright star diagonal, Baader Planetarium brought mirror star diagonals into the 21st century. The new 2" ClickLock Star Diagonal takes this innovation another step further. Like its predecessor, the 2" ClickLock Star Diagonal uses proprietary Baader all-dielectric mirror coatings. The Baader coating process eliminates the Achilles Heel that has plagued other all-dielectric mirror coatings - normally the multi-layer coating results in high surface stresses that cause a star diagonal's mirror to warp as much as 1/2 wave, ruining the figure and distorting the optical wavefront. Baader's proprietary coating process maintains the 1/10 wave mirror surface accuracy - after coating!

Baader's dielectric coatings deliver an amazingly high 99% photo-visual reflectivity along with an extremely hard durable surface. The ultra-hard mirror coatings will a last lifetime without losing reflectivity and may be cleaned with normal care, without fear of scratches. The precision mirror is also oversized, and combines with the large ID nosepiece to pass the largest image cone possible in a 2" format.

ClickLock 2" Eyepiece Holder

The 2" ClickLock non-marring eyepiece holder delivers the same acclaimed simplicity and security as its smaller 1.25" ClickLock cousin. With a quick 20 degree twist of the rubber knurled ring using a convenient fingertip lever, the ClickLock holder clamps 2" eyepieces so securely that you can lift your scope with them. The unique action utilizes 3-point clamping which positively and accurately locks 2" eyepieces without any of the wobbling and misalignment that can occur with single point clamps. With a clear aperture of 47.5mm, this mirror diagonal can handle all 2” eyepieces without vignetting.

The Baader 2" ClickLock Star Diagonal incorporates another unique feature. The 2" ClickLock Holder and 2" nosepiece can both be removed to expose 2"x24tpi SCT threads, permitting integration of the diagonal into additional configurations through the use of the Baader Astro T-2 System components.

NOTE: This diagonal gives images that are upright but left-right reversed.

The diagonal body weighs 20.6oz (584g) and the effective optical length is 112mm.

New manufacturer part number: CLDIAG-2 or 2956100 (Old part number MAX-2C).

Manufacturer part number: CLDIAG-2 or 2956100.

Additional Information

SCT Users: The diagonal body's input 2" threading is compatible with the standard Celestron/Meade 2" SCT rear cell threads, enabling you to directly thread it onto your SCT. NexStar 8 or 8i users will find that this diagonal couples close enough to swing through zenith without hitting the RA base! Please note, an additional Baader SCT LockRing is required for direct attachment of this diagonal to most SCTs.

Agena Note: Although the above SCT info is technically correct, note that it is not necessarily a convenient option. To attach the diagonal directly to an SCT, you would first have to remove the eyepiece barrel from the diagonal body (or else it would get in the way, hit the SCT focus knob, and prevent you from screwing on the diagonal). The same would be necessary to take the diagonal off. So attaching this diagonal directly to the male SCT thread on your scope is a semi-permanent affair. Step-by-step instructions to attach the Baader 2" Clicklock Diagonal to an SCT scope using Baader's SCT Lockring can be found here.

Useful Resources

- For a detailed review of the new 2" Clicklock Diagonal, including many nice pics and direct SCT mounting, please see Mike Swanson's NexStar Resource Site.

- Example Images (click thumbnail for larger image)

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