Baader T-2 Maxbright Dielectric Mirror Diagonal Body # MAX-1 2456100

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Baader T-2 Maxbright Dielectric Mirror Diagonal Body # MAX-1 2456100

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  • Baader T-2 Maxbright Dielectric Mirror Diagonal Body # MAX-1 2456100
  • Baader T-2 Maxbright Dielectric Mirror Diagonal Body # MAX-1 2456100
  • Some of the many adapters that can be used with the T-2 Maxbright diagonal (sold separately)
  • T-2 Maxbright Mirror Diagonal shown with optional 2” nosepiece and 2” deluxe eyepiece clamp

Quick Overview

  • Precision-engineered star diagonal with Maxbright dielectric mirror offers minimal light scatter for high-contrast planetary views at high magnification
  • Suitable for use with fast refractors as well as with long focal-ratio telescopes
  • Configurable with 1.25” and 2” Baader T-2 nosepieces, 1.25” eyepiece holders, and other accessories (not included with this diagonal body) to suit a wide range of telescopes and applications
  • Full 34mm clear aperture
  • Offers a compact size and short optical path where space is at a premium and short back focus is essential
  • Superb mechanical fit and finish

Product Details

NOTE: This Baader T-2 90-degree Maxbright dielectric mirror diagonal consists of a diagonal body with mirror ONLY and includes no nosepiece or eyepiece holder. It has standard T/T-2 threads at the input face (with female T/T-2 thread on the telescope side) and at the output face (with male T thread on the eyepiece side). This lets you add Baader Planetarium T-2 adapters and accessories to configure the diagonal to your needs.

A Fully Customizable Diagonal Body

One of the key features of this Baader T-2 diagonal – and all Baader diagonals, whether they use prisms or mirrors - is the large free aperture and the flexibility to directly adapt to almost any telescope system, without the restriction of a 1.25" barrel size which may cause vignetting in long focal length 1.25" eyepieces or when using the diagonal with a binoviewer. That is precisely why Baader offers the body of all their T-2 System diagonals without adapters. The clear aperture of this diagonal body is 34mm.

Baader Planetarium has worked hard to make the finest and most precisely-engineered prism-based star diagonals on the market today. This mid-sized and highly flexible Baader T-2 90° diagonal body with Maxbright dielectric mirror is ideal for high-power planetary viewing or for systems where back-focus or space is limited and a full aperture 2" diagonal will not work or is not flexible enough.

The T-2 Maxbright mirror diagonal is ideal for use with any telescope including fast refractors that may suffer from the slight spherochromatism caused by prism-based diagonals. The tradeoff is slightly longer optical path length compared to prism-based diagonals. The effective optical path length of this base T-2 diagonal with Maxbright dielectric mirror is 43mm.

Baader Maxbright Dielectric Technology for Ultra-High Reflectivity

This diagonal uses the proprietary Baader Maxbright all-dielectric mirror coatings on a sital-ceramic glass substrate. This results in an amazingly high 99% photo-visual reflectivity. The unique Baader coating system has also been specifically optimized to minimize scatter and does not degrade mirror flatness. The zero expansion mirror substrate retains its true 1/10 wave (p-v) flatness over the entire oversized 35mm (1.38") mirror surface, so you can use the mirror well in front of the image plane with no image degradation or astigmatism from a warped mirror surface. In addition, the extreme coating hardness makes the Baader Maxbright highly durable (the coatings are harder than the glass itself). The Maxbright mirror coatings have long lifetimes with minimal loss of reflectivity, and they may be cleaned with normal care without fear of scratches.

This diagonal works well for observing nearly all celestial objects. But since it minimizes scattered light and wavefront error, and eliminates spherochromatism for telescopes faster than about f/8, it’s especially good for high-contrast and high-magnification planetary, lunar, and double-star observation.

Configuration Suggestions

You can configure the T-2 Maxbright mirror diagonal to exactly suit your viewing requirements. The input and output T/T-2 threads integrate with the full range of Baader Astro T-2 System components and other T-threaded adapters. The telescope side can be configured to fit 2" or 1.25" focusers, as well as directly onto telescopes with specific threads such as original M44 Zeiss threads, Vixen OTAs, or Russian Maks.

The eyepiece side can be configured with 1.25" eyepiece holders. Or it can be used with Baader's quick change ring #6 to mount the Mark V binoviewer to achieve the shortest possible backfocus distance between telescope and binoviewer. It’s also the perfect diagonal for the Baader / Zeiss Giant Binoviewer (it replaces the normal prism diagonal) as well as the Baader Maxbright Binoviewer. With the right accessories, this diagonal also integrates well into digital imaging applications.

The diagonal body weighs just 5.7 oz (161g).

NOTE: This diagonal gives images that are upright but left-right reversed.

Manufacturer part number: T2-1A or 2456100.

Additional Information

COMING SOON - Please see the T2 Diagonal Configuration page for some suggested configurations.